Stockartist: How does it work?

Version 3.0

All users receive $100,000 after successful registration. With this virtual money, the user can buy artists’ shares and influence the price of the artists’ artworks and shares. In Stockartist users can own an artist, an institution, or a collection using the buttons “reclaim an artist”, “reclaim an art institution” or “reclaim an art collection”.  When you are the owner of an artist or an art collection in Version 3.1 (launch programmed to August 2024) you will have the capacity to block the sale of the artworks (who belongs to that entity) to wait for the right moment to sale and maximize the virtual value. Also in the future version will be possible to sell the artworks as NFTs and make real money. Many features will be added to Stockartist in the next Versions. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive news about the new features.

In this parallel art world, artists count with a price x cm2, and the artworks have a size in cm2. So the price of the artwork is calculated by multiplying the price x cm2 and the size in cm2. However the price x cm2 of each artist is influenced by different factors, one is the Pure Taste Indicator, calculated using four characteristics: discourse of the artist, artwork coherence and development, influence grade in the society, and influence grade in the art world. (if you want to know more about the Pure Taste Indicator click here) The second parameter that influences the price x cms of an artist is the “Artist’s Characteristics Factor”, this is calculated using twelve characteristics of the artist: Intelligence, Master Technique, Knowledge in Art, Reflection, Experience, Art Studies, Social Skills, Family Background, Sales, Engagement in the Art World, Art Production and Engagement in Media. Those factors and the constant actions that artists are playing in the simulator influence in the price x cm2 and the share price.

In the simulator, are playing twelve actions randomly and infinitely on each artist: Individual Exhibition in a Gallery, Group Exhibition in a Gallery, Individual Exhibition in a Museum, Group Exhibition in a Museum, Sale an Artwork to a private collection, Sale an artwork to a public collection, Sale an artwork in an auction house, Interview in a Magazine, Publication in Media, Win a Prize, Made a Residency and Artwork production.