Stockartist History

Version 1

The first version of Stockartist was launched in 2005, it took 18 months of development and the calculation of the shares and behavior was fed by robots taking information from different online sources. This first version was presented at the digital art exhibition “Data Space” curated by Priamo Lozada in the Museum Conde Duque, Madrid Spain during the MARCO Art Fair. Later were shown in the Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico, City and in other art spaces.

Version 2

The second version of Stockartist was launched in 2009 after a partnership with the company The price of the artist’s shares was using the biggest primary market information database and different Feed sources. At the same time artists were asked to create an artwork¬† that represent their shares but in the real world, the artworkd should have composed by at least 100 pieces, and the prices were calculated by Stockartist. There was 110 artists participating at the “real shares” project and seven exhibitions were organized to show and sell those shares.

Version 3

In November 2023, after a Satori, I decided to create a new version of Stockartist not linked by any database or feed, but to mathematic formulas that give live to the simulator of this parallel art world and the calculation of the shares. This new version will be launched in 2024, and the shares and the art market behavior is calculated by algorithms created by DHAdmann. Now I have 9 months developing the Stockartist Version 3.¬† If you want to know more about how the formulas of the simulator works and the calculation of the artist’s shares, send me a message to info (at) stockartist (dot) org